2023 Club Championship Supplementary Regulations

  1. The Championship is open to all paid up Club members.
  2. The Championship fee is £10 for Full Championship and £5 for the Mini and Bike Championships. Fees must be paid on registration.
  3. Competitors are free to enter any speed events of their choice, whether it be hillclimbs or sprints anywhere in the UK, and are not restricted to WAMC rounds. Competitors must enter events as WSHC members to be eligible to score points.
  4. The Championship is a class based championship that does not use Target Times. Points are awarded according to a competitor’s class position on each event, whether or not other class competitors are registered for the WSHC Championship. Full details are here
  5. Main championship points will be scored over a competitor’s best submitted 8 scores over a maximum of 11 events (3 dropped scores).
  6.  Mini and Bike championship points will be scored over a competitor’s best submitted 4 scores over a maximum of 6 events (2 dropped scores).
  7. Competitors are required to submit event results to the Championship Coordinator or representative within fourteen days of event results being published in order for the results to count.
  8. Competitors in all Championships have the option of a Joker round. The Joker round will double the points scored on one event. The competitor must inform the Championship Coordinator or representative prior to the first practice run that they wish to nominate said round as the Joker round.
  9. A Joker round cannot be a dropped score event and will count as one of a competitor’s scoring rounds at the Championship conclusion.
  10. Where events have differing class structures (e.g. 1400cc to 1800cc or alternatively 1400cc to 2000cc), class position of the competitor within the class on the event will stand.
  11. A bonus point will be awarded to any competitor who wins the class by one second or greater from the second placed competitor(s).
  12. Competitors may change cars during the season provided the replacement car remains in the same Championship class.
  13. Competitors must display a minimum of one club / championship sticker . This must be clearly displayed at all times when competing.
  14. In the event of a tie, the greater scoring competitor on earliest event will count as the winner.
  15. Each competitor may enter only one class and only one of the Club’s championships.
  16. Competitors in the Main Championship can score a bonus 3 points for marshalling on any speed event during the season. These points can be claimed using the form to submit event results.