Lisa Chappelle

Lisa Chappelle (Fast Daps + Pinky) Age 33 I live at Garthbrengy, 5 miles north of Brecon. I grew up in Sennybridge. From a young age ive always had a interest in motorsport. Growing up in Sennybridge was good as we lived down the road from Epynt where stage rallying was held and always went for a watch with the family and loved it!

After being told i’d never do any kind of motorsport i was more determined to do it! In my teens i joined Brecon motor club and did a few 12 cars and navigational scatters as a navigator. I then met my husband James Chappelle through the club. I started to co drive for James in our mini. we did the King of Epynt championship in 2016 and won our class. I then started borrowing the mini to do the Epynt hillclimbs and found out i actually loved driving so in 2017 i did my bars test and bought my Citroen Saxo Vts. Ive done a few stage rallies in it at Builth Showground being my first event with James bravely co driving and we won our class. I then went on and did Peter Lloyd stages with my sponsor Craig Jones from CMJ Motors-Brecon.

In 2018 i teamed up with Mike Jode and did Dixies Challenge on Epynt. That year i did the Epynt hillclimbs and found the saxo to be alot quicker up the hill than the mini.

After taking a year out im planning to do the Welsh sprint and hillclimb mini championship and possibly the WAMC sprint and hillclimb championship and also a few stage rallies on Epynt.