Garry Morgan

Garry M Morgan
I’m 59 years young and started my working life as an apprentice car mechanic working on Saab and Honda cars, I then left car mechanics and went into the mining industry and then a few other jobs until I ended up in the hydraulic repair industry where I am now.
I started my love of Chevettes in my apprentice years everyone else was raving about Escorts and I liked something different from the crowd, I spent a lot of my spare time as a youngster looking after or building other people’s competition cars.
I built a Chevette for a close friend in the 80’s, he got in contact with a gentleman through the Motoring Newspaper by the name of Mike Kerr as he was leading the northern hill climb championship at the time with a very fast Chevette HSR.
We wanted to pick his brains as to how to set up our car for tarmac rallying, we became good friends and spent many hours on the phone sorting out different issues with the car, little did I know that the car he was driving and I admired so much would be the car I found in Ireland so many years later, after finding out it was the same car I had drooled over all those years ago then I had to return it back to its original state, then came the next dilemma I’d looked after other people’s cars and built other people’s cars but I had never driven a competition car on an event in my life I had not had a competition licence to drive one either.
So at the age of 57 I applied for my first competition licence and managed to compete in 5 events in my first year and last year manage 2 events, as I suffered a back problem and hopefully I can complete a full season of events in the Welsh Hill Climb and Sprint championship this year.